Zinc plating is primarily used as a corrosion resistant protective finish that can be applied to steel and cast iron. It has a blueish-white lustrous finish that can subsequently be passivated to alter the appearance and more importantly further enhance the corrosion resistant properties. The electroplating of zinc produces a fine and even coating that can be from 5-25 microns in thickness depending on the customers specification. This makes the process suited to many applications including machined components and threads.

Here at Allenchrome we specialize in the Acid Zinc Electroplating process. We are JS500 licensed and have fully automated rack and barrel lines as well as manual lines enabling us to provide our customers with the appropriate process for the task. All lines can provide a choice of four different passivates with the addition of optional topcoats to further enhance the corrosion resistance. Each passivate has differing properties and appearance, allowing us to comply with the customers specification.

Passivates available:

Trivalent/Clear – Bluish/silver in appearance

Thick layer Trivalent Cr IV free – Bluish/silver in appearance. RoHS, WEEE, ELV compliant

Chromate – Yellow in appearance

Olive drab – Dark Green in appearance

The chemistry used is always maintained to the highest level. We achieve this through the use of our own laboratory facility and working closely with our chemical supplier. This enables us to supply all customers with a certificate of conformity so they can be sure that the product supplied is to the correct specification.